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Site promotion in search engines means competing with your rivals for your site’s position in Google and Yandex, the main prize being the client. Our task is to help you beat the competition and get your site into the

Top ten

without losing its looks and common sense. We remember that increasing site views is just a tool, and the real goal is finding a client who is a real person, not a search robot.

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Search engine optimization and site promotion

Search engine optimization is adjusting your site’s texts to reflect the search engine phrases, optimizing the site’s informational structure, improving the quality of texts and increasing their quantity, using special text markup and internal links.

Site promotion is done by increasing the amount of other sites linking to your site according to the search phrases being promoted. Site promotion usually boils down to buying links on special link exchanges, writing feature articles that contain links to the promoted site and registering the site in specialized internet catalogues.

Why us?

Nowadays many companies offer SEO and site promotion services. Yet, most SEO-specialists have no clue about the actual site development, and their only concern is achieving a certain result in search engine systems. Many optimizers disregard the fact that sites are created for real people to read. Their so-called “optimization” turns your site into a bunch of junk text that mostly consists of search phrases and queries incomprehensible to anyone but a search robot.

For the majority of site optimizers who are happy with just getting the site to the top search results, the ends justify the means. What sets Mart studio apart from its competition is that we are professional site developers and treat the optimization responsibly. Our search engine optimization will not affect the look of your site, the readability of its texts, and the original purpose it was created for.

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Order a site promotion (SEO) package

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